My Story

I’m a “late-bloomer” when it comes to making music. My first beat was made during my latter years of college (it was a straight loop of a section in Gil Scott-Heron’s “Delta Man”), and my first instrumental project was released when I was 25. In my youth though, I was always fascinated by music and the emotion that it would invoke in me. Some call that feeling “happiness,” but I always referred to it as an acute sense of excitement. When I discovered that my favorite hip hop jams were largely sampled, nothing excited me more than finding those samples and understanding how these sonic collages were meticulously constructed by my favorite producers.

That’s when the initial seed was planted.

After graduating from college with a degree in international economics, I maneuvered through the world of corporate finance, realizing that my fascination with music was rapidly overtaking my interest in numbers. I began vividly painting my creative perspectives using beatmaking as my brush, while the world of finance continued to remain colorless. Making music was the one unique tool that simultaneously brought me comfort and excitement, and the cocktail of those two emotions proved to be highly addictive.

In 2011, I released The Blue Note, an 11-track instrumental project that paid homage to the soul and jazz music that saturated my young adult life. Since then, I have released projects and songs that took inspiration from a variety of genres: Korean folk music, Brazilian funk, EDM, house, and much more. My creative goals largely share one common thread: continue exploring art with an open mind and actively partake in anything that moves the soul.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned along the way, it’s this: creativity begets creativity. I can only hope that my journey acts as yet another example of that simple yet powerful statement.